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Resource-orientated & sustainable

By using higher quality components and materials, business devices are designed for intensive use and, above all, longer life. In the country of destination, the devices are in turn used by end users. This lengthens the value chain and smoothens the ecological footprint in the production by around 40%. Act environmentally friendly and sustainable – with little effort.

Final amortisation of investments

From an accounting point of view, most devices are written down to zero after 3 to 4 years. Gain from buybacks is, in most cases, not part of the budget.
With the remarketing of devices, we generate a cash-back system for you and bring back part of the initial investment.
Your CFO will definitely be happy about it.

We fully support the concept of circular economy. That is why we actively offer solutions for the responsible use of devices and equipment. We act according to the principle “reuse is more ecological and, above all, wiser than recycling”.

90 % of the replaced devices are still too good to be thrown away or to be shredded. DHCS has sales channels in different spending power regions within Europe. This allows us to put older devices back to use again. Further use creates additional synergy effects, such as return on investment for the previous owners of the devices, more care for the environment and affordable devices for economically weaker regions.

Support the circular economy as well.

The reuse of devices takes place according to age and value of the devices in our countries of sale, which are graded according to purchasing power. We can thus ensure that the devices are effectively reintegrated into the market and used. Most notebooks, desktops & monitors are distributed via retail channels in the respective country. For larger batches, public institutions such as elementary schools or universities are often the buyers. We also enable low-income regions to access low-cost business devices.

Used servers & storages go mainly to the northern countries and to the UK. After a complete refurbishment and subsequent upgrade, these devices are used by SMEs. Especially older devices are completely disassembled and serve as spare parts.

DHCS consciously refrains from using sales channels outside the EU/EFTA region. On the one hand, because their disposal is ultimately not guaranteed and, on the other hand, because of the disproportionate development of freight costs to the value of goods and the resulting CO2 balance.

Would you like to donate your devices or the proceeds therefrom to charitable organisations or projects? Do good and talk about it!

Device donations

Notebooks and tablets are particularly suitable for device donations due to their low weight and dimensions.
We work with various non-profit organisations and will be happy to organise the forwarding of your devices. A donation certificate will be issued directly by the organisation you have chosen.

Money donations

We would be pleased to transfer the proceeds from the remarketing in your name to a relief organisation of your choice, such as the ICRC or the Children’s Cancer Aid Switzerland.
We will arrange everything in your name. You will receive the donation receipt directly from the institution you have chosen.

Give us a call. We will be happy to give you further information on this topic.

Do you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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