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We work together with the leading companies for data erasing. The highest possible security for a certified and audit-proof deletion of your data is guaranteed. The most up-to-date solutions fully comply with statutory regulations according to the GDPR.

Individual and collective certificates for each delivered and erased data carrier as well as shredder protocols for destroyed data carriers are a matter of course for us.

Data deletion versus data destruction

With our commitment to Triple-Win, we take care of the environment and give preference to the deletion of data carriers. By erasing the data with the software, the storage media can be reused.

As opposed to data erasing with software, data and fully functional storage media are destroyed mechanically during shredding.
Recycling is good – reuse is better!


The deletion of HDDs is done by physically overwriting all areas of the hard disk. The use of professional software ensures that all protected and hidden areas such as HPA, DCO, FAT etc. are completely overwritten. All data and allocations are overwritten and are irretrievably deleted. As an additional security criterion, a verification of the data carrier as to the applied algorithm and its application is carried out.

Data carriers that cannot be 100% overwritten due to bad sectors or other adverse effects are automatically sent to be shredded.

We offer deletion algorithms at various levels of security such as:

  • HMG Infosec with a 1x overwrite
  • US DOD 5220-22 M with a 3x overwrite
  • US DOD 5220-22 ECE with a 7x overwrite

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As opposed to HDDs, the deletion of SSD & flash memories is not done by a physical overwrite but via electronic impulses. The deletion program accesses the firmware of the storage medium and starts the medium deletion/resetting commands.

Since 2001, the command “ATA Secure erase purge” has been put on all SSDs according to the NIST guidelines. With the programs we use, this command is accessed directly and started. The same applies to all other flash memories. If desired, the memories can also be overwritten with an algorithm, but this can lead to a reduction in storage capacity.

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Data carriers that cannot be 100% erased with the software are shredded in a separate process.

Data security comes first here as well:

  • Disassembly of the data carrier
  • Scanning of the serial numbers
  • Temporary storage in secured rooms and containers
  • Transport in sealed safety containers to our partner plant
  • Monitored shredding process with final report

The shredded data carriers are marked separately on the invoice. You will, of course, also receive the corresponding documents of proof.

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Is the data not allowed to leave your premises?

We provide client access for deleting desktops, notebooks, tablets, handhelds and smartphones. You will receive a cloud-based login with the agreed licences. Erase your data when and how you want.

For data centres and server farms, we offer options for data erasing directly at the respective location. We will gladly give you more detailed information during a personal conversation.

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