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Are the technical specifications of the replaced devices not stored and still have to be collected? Send us a rough quantity framework and information about the supply (boxes, pallets, etc.), and we will take care of it.

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Logistics & pickup

With a lead time of two days, we pick up the devices that are ready to be transported from the desired locations. Additional safety measures for undamaged transport, such as wrapping or strapping with steel straps, can be carried out by our logistics partner on site.

Your devices will be transferred with tracked vehicles directly to our access-secured and video-monitored warehouse in Winterthur. You will, of course, receive a confirmation of receipt from us.

Transparency and security form the basis of the DHCS pricing model, which is laid out concisely:

  • We remunerate fully functional devices with the usual signs of wear for the price offered.
  • Adjustments on value are only carried out if there are significant optical or technical impairments, such as broken off corners or cracks on the housing, cracked displays, etc.
  • The value-adjusted devices are accounted separately and documented. These can be inspected on-site within an agreed deadline.
  • A battery test is also carried out for mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc., which must have a minimum capacity of 20% of the original performance capability.

With the DHCS pricing model, you can expect to achieve the proceeds shown in the offer. The rate of value-adjusted equipment is 2% – 4%, based on experience.

DHCS consciously avoids grading or revenue share models, as these are subjective and usually cannot be adhered to or controlled. You are on the safe side with our pricing model.

We build on long-term partnerships!

Yes, of course!
In addition to the standard direct transfer solution, we provide additional security options for safe transport at various levels of security such as:

  • Sealed security containers for data carriers and devices
  • Transport in specially secured vehicles
  • Handover accompanied by Securitas, transport in secured vehicles, documented transfer to DHCS

Your data and devices are in safe hands with us. Continuous logged security chain (acceptance, arrival protocol, certified deletion of data, anonymisation of devices & full reporting)
You have our word!

At our Winterthur domicile, we have over 400m2 of storage space on the first floor, which is accessible via a large goods lift. To ensure the safety of your equipment, the room is video-monitored and access-protected. A connection to Securitas with alternating tours completes our security profile.

In addition, we also offer quarantine storage on request. The delivered devices are scanned and sorted. If required data are still on one of the devices, we can locate them at any time and deliver them to you. Just give us the “go-ahead” when the new system environment is fully integrated at your premises. The devices will then be fed through the deletion process.

The processes for data deletion, anonymisation and processing will also take place in this room. Your devices will not leave the secure area until all user data have been deleted and all labels such as asset tags, user names etc. have been completely removed from the devices.

Would you like to provide the returned devices to your staff at special rates?

We can create an automated order form based on PDF, which you can provide to your staff on the intranet. The order will then be sent online directly to us.

We will take over all the necessary work for a lump sum per device:

  • Deleting the data carriers
  • Cleaning the devices
  • Uploading Windows
  • Order confirmation
  • Billing
  • Shipping of the devices after receipt of payment

Give your staff a treat. They will thank you for it.

Do you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you.

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