About us

Markus Feger, Geschäftsführer & Founder

DHCS Data & Hardware Care Solutions GmbH kicked off at the beginning of September 2019. This decision was significantly influenced by the conviction that, with the Triple Win model, advantages and optimisations can be implemented for everyone involved.

We actively support the circular economy and go one step further with Triple Win. In Switzerland, almost 80% of all electronic devices are still being recycled (mechanically destroyed), although most of the devices still work perfectly well. With remarketing, the devices can be used again.

The basic idea of DHCS is to preserve added value for ITC devices and the optimisation of the resulting synergy effects for companies, the environment and our sales channels.
The idea that all those involved can only profit from this is fascinating. Don’t you think so?

Our domicile is in Winterthur, and we feel committed to the long history of the city as the founding place of several top well-known companies. We also see this as a challenge for the long-term and successful development of DHCS GmbH.