Warehouse & quarantine storage

At our Winterthur domicile, we have over 400m2 of storage space on the first floor, which is accessible via a large goods lift. To ensure the safety of your equipment, the room is video-monitored and access-protected. A connection to Securitas with alternating tours completes our security profile.

In addition, we also offer quarantine storage on request. The delivered devices are scanned and sorted. If required data are still on one of the devices, we can locate them at any time and deliver them to you. Just give us the “go-ahead” when the new system environment is fully integrated at your premises. The devices will then be fed through the deletion process.

The processes for data deletion, anonymisation and processing will also take place in this room. Your devices will not leave the secure area until all user data have been deleted and all labels such as asset tags, user names etc. have been completely removed from the devices.