Reliable pricing model

Transparency and security form the basis of the DHCS pricing model, which is laid out concisely:

  • We remunerate fully functional devices with the usual signs of wear for the price offered.
  • Adjustments on value are only carried out if there are significant optical or technical impairments, such as broken off corners or cracks on the housing, cracked displays, etc.
  • The value-adjusted devices are accounted separately and documented. These can be inspected on-site within an agreed deadline.
  • A battery test is also carried out for mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc., which must have a minimum capacity of 20% of the original performance capability.

With the DHCS pricing model, you can expect to achieve the proceeds shown in the offer. The rate of value-adjusted equipment is 2% – 4%, based on experience.

DHCS consciously avoids grading or revenue share models, as these are subjective and usually cannot be adhered to or controlled. You are on the safe side with our pricing model.

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