Sales markets by purchasing power

The reuse of devices takes place according to age and value of the devices in our countries of sale, which are graded according to purchasing power. We can thus ensure that the devices are effectively reintegrated into the market and used. Most notebooks, desktops & monitors are distributed via retail channels in the respective country. For larger batches, public institutions such as elementary schools or universities are often the buyers. We also enable low-income regions to access low-cost business devices.

Used servers & storages go mainly to the northern countries and to the UK. After a complete refurbishment and subsequent upgrade, these devices are used by SMEs. Especially older devices are completely disassembled and serve as spare parts.

DHCS consciously refrains from using sales channels outside the EU/EFTA region. On the one hand, because their disposal is ultimately not guaranteed and, on the other hand, because of the disproportionate development of freight costs to the value of goods and the resulting CO2 balance.