What does “marketable devices” mean?

The basic requirement is fully functional devices that do not have severe optical damage.
Relevant aspects for the marketability of the devices include:

  • The brand – that’s what distinguishes Apple devices with the lowest average devaluation
  • Name recognition – Lenovo is known worldwide and easier to sell than, for example, niche brands
  • Dissemination – the spare parts market for brands with high market penetration is in a safe position; this is an important issue, and has a massive impact on demand
  • Exclusivity – can be an advantage. Wortmann computers are known and appreciated as a premium brand in German-speaking countries, but can only be remarketed in these countries
  • Technical set-up – it is crucial what and how many processors are installed, or how the RAM breakdown is, especially with servers.

What happens to non-marketable devices?
As part of the audit, these devices are specially marked and identified, and can be viewed on request with us. The devices are then sent to Swico and recycled.